LoveLight, Inc.


Who We Are



PEAKS skating party at KSU Ice Arena

LoveLight, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Kent, Ohio was formed in November 1995:

"to plan, design and implement activities, projects, processes, products, and programs which are for charitable and/or educational purposes in accordance with 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code";

"to assist individuals and families, especially those who are lower-income or otherwise disadvantaged, to move toward the actualization of their potential";

"to promote positive lifestyles and behaviors, optimal health and quality of life for and with such persons." 

Our major focus has been on children and youth, within the context of family, neighborhood, and community.

The perspective of our agency is interdisciplinary and pro-active. Therefore, we work to bring together the fields/sectors of education, health, social service, recreation, criminal justice, government, and communities of worship in a cooperative effort to optimize the development of young people. PEAKS mentor photographed with Stanton Middle School student during skating party at KSU Ice Arena

We are guided by, and promote, three principles:

  • Respect and care for self.
  • Respect and care for others.
  • Respect and care for the world around you.