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RMT Information

Rhythmic Movement Training, an innovative approach developed by Swedish psychiatrist Dr. Harald Blomberg, shows great promise as a tool for promoting healthful development and functioning of children as well as adults,

Dr. Harald BlombergSwedish psychiatrist Dr. Harald Blomberg visited Kent State in the summers of 2014 and 2015 to present his work with Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT). Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training evolved from Dr. Blomberg’s search for  help to improve his own motor functioning which was affected by his childhood polio. BRMT is based on the early movement patterns of the fetus and infant - having observed their dramatic effects when used with children and adults, Dr. Blomberg believes that these movements mature the brain and inhibit/integrate the primitive reflexes. Although important developmentally, if the primitive (first) reflexes remain active, they can interfere with learning and optimal functioning. Author of The Rhythmic Movement Method: A Revolutionary Approach to Improved Health and Well-Being and Autism - a Disease That Can Be Healed, Dr. Blomberg has been using RMT successfully for over 25 years and has found this method to be helpful not only for motor ability but also attention and focus, emotional well-being, cognitive functioning, speech, and vision.

In LoveLight’s Tutoring Plus program, we incorporate Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training as part of our holistic approach and also a feature of our STARCHILD child development and early learning center.