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Bio-Integrative Tutorial

The term, “bio-integrative”, comes from the Greek word meaning life and the Latin word for “whole”; bio-integrative thus refers to approaches that can be used to bring together the various living systems of a human being into a whole, fully functioning person.  In particular, these approaches recognize and address physiological bases of learning.

The overall goal is to help learners be successful academically and in life.

LoveLight's Bio-Integrative Tutorial Services is an initiative designed to bring academically struggling K-8 students up to grade level and beyond in language arts and mathematics by:

  1. identifying and removing barriers to learning.
  2. helping learners to develop attitudes/mindsets, skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will promote their healthy development and future success.
  3. providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports the natural development of the learner as a whole person and challenges the learner to be his/her “best self”.
  4. helping students to take responsibility for their own learning and development.
  5. creating a collaborative support system to include student, parents, teacher(s), and tutor/mentor.

Although services will be targeted toward children from lower-income families, any person will be able to access assistance on a sliding fee basis. Initially sessions were held at Oscar Ritchie Hall on the campus of Kent State University, and at Villages at Franklin Crossing Apartments in Kent, Ohio, but may expand to additional locations in the future. Besides providing help to struggling learners, the Bio-Integrative Tutorial Services project will offer an opportunity for  University students, particularly future teachers, to gain valuable experience. The Bio-Integrative Tutorial Project (BITS) is not currently operating, but may resume in the future, as resources permit.