You are invited! 

…To be part of an exciting effort to help others in transformational ways

…To invest in the well-being and healthful development of children and youth, especially those who are disadvantaged economically or in other ways

LoveLight, Inc. provides services to young people and their families directly as well as indirectly, through opportunities for educators, parents, and others to learn about innovative approaches for helping children and teens to be successful in school and life.

You can support LoveLight Inc by joining the LoveLight Shop with Gift Cards Circle of Friends. Help low-income children simply by shopping with gift cards for Chipotle, Acme, Starbucks, Amazon, Express, Walgreens, L.L. Bean, Home Depot, Macy’s, and many other retailers (even airlines!). You will get the full value on the card while at the same time a portion of the value will support the work of LoveLight, Inc.

You can order physical gift cards either by downloading and completing the Gift Card Order Form and returning it with your payment or by ordering them online. In addition to the retailers listed on the Gift Card Order Formyou can add additional retailers from the full list of Participating Retailers. Gift Cards are also available as E-Cards. Check the file, How to Order Gift Cards for further details on how to order either physical cards or e-cards.